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Our Mission: 

"To deliver excellent social opportunities within our local community."


Through the core values of equality, respect, inclusiveness, valuing difference, empowerment, education and participation, coming along to The Grayble Social Club will enable young adults to explore the interaction between themselves, their peers and the local community.


We will deliver an excellent service for and with adults which will aim to engage them and actively involve them in the decision-making processes.


Activities will be provided which will give young adults the opportunity to test ideas and to enable them to develop the knowledge, skills and values to enjoy the rights and responsibilities of being a young adult.


We will provide this by creating a structure that supports equal opportunities within a safe, dynamic, creative and innovative social environment.


We will be committed to working with voluntary partners from the community.

Our Objectives for delivering social opportunities:


  • To create a sense of responsibility among the members ;

  • To involve our members in the process of choosing and creating activities ;

  • To enhance the healthy growth and development of  adults ;

  • To promote social activities ;

  • To provide opportunities to young adults to make good use of leisure time ;

  • To develop hidden talents and potentials among our members

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